J9九游会目前主要產品有:各種加藥係統 、電控箱 、在線水質分析儀 、PH 、電導率 、溶氧儀 、SEKO 米頓羅計量泵、槳葉攪拌機 、各種 PE 水箱 水處理藥劑等。

J9九游会囤有大量的現貨以保證能及時地供貨, 同時J9九游会有一定的備用泵 以方便客戶的設備出現意外損壞時能及時填補空缺 。

公司秉承 “誠信 雙贏 和諧 創新” 的經營理念,依托雄厚的技術、人才和科技優勢,致力於水處理環保事業的發展,以優惠的價格、優質的產品為用戶提供最滿意的服務。

Ningbo Muyuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment, high-tech companies. The strength of the predecessor company technology, equipment installation experience, customers can provide technical advice, equipment design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service, such as a full range of solutions to solve the service.
My company's main products are: all kinds of dosing systems, electric control box, online water quality analyzer, PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen meter, SEKO Billiton metering pumps, blade mixer, all kinds of PE water treatment agent.
I store a large number of stock in stock to ensure timely delivery, and my company has some spare pump to facilitate the customer's equipment accidental damage timely fill vacancies.
Company adhering to the" INTEGRITY WIN-WIN HARMONY INNOVATION " business philosophy, relying on strong technical, personnel and technological advantages, committed to the development of water treatment and environmental protection To preferential prices, high-quality products to provide users with the most satisfactory service.

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